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That's right! It took three generations before we decided to go for it... when my daughter Noa was born.

Everything started with my mom, who has always loved designing and sewing. She created some of her most amazing pieces in her wardrobe by herself. She’s always done this with passion, love and care, always trying to achieve perfection. So many people told her to open her brand, to share her talent. But she was never ready.

So I made the most out of her talent. I always had a precise idea of what I wanted to wear and often asked her to sew clothes for me: a skirt, a top, a dress...

And even my wedding dress. I could not find what I had in mind for this special day so had to ask for her help again. And she made it in less than 3 weeks!

And while she was at it, she also sewed her own dress for the religious ceremony.

Then Noa came into this world, my daughter, the love of my life.

That's when everything changed, she gave us the inspiration and dedication to finally share our passion with you.

I was pregnant and excited about the idea of making her room, buying my baby's little things. But being the perfectionist that I am, I never found what I wanted. Once again: too expensive, too flowery, too colorful, not enough this, not enough that…. (I think you get the picture now ... poor husband ...) so as always in this kind of situation: HELP Mom!

She did everything: the duvet cover, the changing mat cover, the bed skirt, the tissue box cover, the sheets, etc.

And then people started asking where I got everything. They started talking, and pushing us once again to start this adventure. But this time, we were excited, stronger and determined to do this together, the three of us.

It's a family story we are sharing with you, our family story.